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The Adventures of The Orphan and The Boot

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The Orphan and The Boot and The Beasts

Tour the Northwest in The Great Arvee


The Orphan and The Boot take their first extended trip in The Great Arvee

by exploring North America's Great Northwest:

  mountains, oceans, deserts, lakes, and rivers



Chapter Two

The Orphan and The Boot take the second segment of The Great Arvee trip by going south to Brookings, Oregon


So at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 27, 2003, The Orphan, The Boot, The Beasts and The Great Arvee departed on the second segment of the trip by going south after stopping to fill the gas tank. Shortly afterward, after seeing another driver waving wildly at The Great Arvee, the team pulled to the side of the road and found the rear storage compartment left wide open.  They resolved never to start out again without checking and re-checking the travel checklist. 

The travel tone for the Great Arvee trip immediately was set at a relaxing pace because the 500-mile trip to Brookings, Oregon, (normally done in a day and a half) became 606 miles and took five days.

The first 111 miles of the second segment of the trip was traveling south on Interstate 5 -- and resulted in a decision to avoid all main roads and freeways for the remainder of the trip. This vow was honored religiously! 

They traveled the first night to the Thousand Trails Preserve in Chehalis, State of Taxes, where the very first of the Thousand Trails preserves was created. The camp was set up again with many errors and running into each other – but after martinis and a dinner of spicy macaroni and cheese, there was music by a campfire and sleep.  The preserve was wooded and beautiful, and the next morning the team saw deer near the dump station.

The first days of the second segment were a sort of shakedown of task sharing and organization. It was apparent that running into each other and making camp setup errors was not a good thing.

The following sharing evolved quickly because The Orphan did not care and The Boot cared mightily.

The Orphan drove The Great Arvee. The Boot navigated the trip and selected the stopping places. The Orphan hooked up the electricity. The Boot hooked up the water. The Boot got the leveling boards from The Great Arvee’s storage area and placed them under the correct wheels while The Orphan moved The Great Arvee back and forth until all was level. The Orphan put up and took down the awning.

The Boot managed the checklist. The Orphan dumped the gray and black water – when The Orphan refused to use rubber gloves, something was said about The Orphan not minding – the same recurring chronic problem for The Boot. The Orphan did finally -- though reluctantly -- decide to use the rubber gloves because the smell from hell could not be washed away.

The Boot washed the shower and toilet and sink and treated the black water holding tank and carefully and loudly inspected the potty for any residual orange drops. (The Orphan was continually dehydrated from the hot weather and the martinis and, particularly after martinis, had notoriously bad aim) and when The Orphan forgot the after-a-pee potty-wiping ritual something was again said about The Orphan not minding – the continuing chronic and recurring problem for The Boot.

The Boot made up the bed.  The Boot moved “…stuff…” from the bed to the front of The Great Arvee in the evening – and in the morning returned the “…stuff…” to the bed.

The Orphan made martinis and opened the wine. The Boot cooked. Both ate. The Boot cleaned up after dinner and rinsed the dishes, and the next morning The Orphan washed the pots, pans, silverware and dishes and put away the easy ones. The Boot put away the hard ones. The Orphan set up the stereo. Both selected the music.

The Orphan did the “…ice-management…” so that there was always ice for the martinis and because The Boot has an aversion to filling ice trays. All tasks were shared with no friction. Things went smoothly.

The second day covered 222 miles and included an adventure to find the “Jackson Highway” (old US 99) and to get to Astoria, Oregon, with no freeway driving – which was successful except for a very few miles on Interstate 5. The bridge at Longview, State of Taxes (over the Columbia River from The State of Taxes to Oregon) was closed – Washington DOT did not tell this to the team -- nor to any others approaching the bridge -- until The Great Arvee was at the bridge on-ramp.

The Great Arvee then had to continue back to Longview to head west on the State of Taxes side of the Columbia River to cross the long bridge from The State of Taxes side to the Oregon side at Astoria.

At an unmarked “roundabout” on the Oregon side of the Columbia River just past Astoria, The Orphan redesigned the left rear panel of The Great Arvee on the right front bumper of a previously many-time-wrecked gray truck – which was still being driven. No serious damage was done except to the ego of The Orphan -- so the trip continued.

Down the Oregon seacoast The Orphan and The Boot took an interesting side trip to the Rockaway Beach Resort where they own eight weeks of timeshares – but had never stayed. The Orphan met Judith who manages his timeshare deposits so they can be traded for timeshares all over the world.

The second night was spent at Pacific City Thousand Trails Preserve near Cape Kiwanda in a hilly campsite on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The camp set-up continued to evolve and went smoothly. The evening routine was varied. Instead of martinis, The Orphan and The Boot drank gimlets and wine. Thus they avoided scurvy.  They watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and ate soup by the campfire.

The third day covered 71 miles down US 101 to Beachside State Park near Waldport, where they took a site right next to the beach but sheltered by trees. (The Orphan was tired from the arduous 222-mile drive the previous day – and besides Beachside State Park was where The Boot wanted to stay).

The martinis and hamburgers were good but the weather sucked and the team sulked. They walked to the beach for a few seconds but it was chilly and very windy and then rained during the night. The Orphan and The Boot were glad they were in The Great Arvee and not in tents like their campsite neighbors. 

The fourth day covered another 109 miles of US 101 and was filled with adventure. The weather was better. Sulking and glowering were outlawed.

The first adventure of the fourth day was at the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center where The Boot went into a trance as she touched every book in the store before buying a book about the Oregon Coast (This trance and book acquisition process was to be repeated many times during this trip).

The Great Arvee was then diverted to “…The Best View on the Oregon Coast…” but, as is often the case at Mt. McKinley in Denali and Mt. Rainer in The State of Taxes, this view was covered with clouds and heavy fog.  The Boot did get a picture of “Escargot on the Hoof” and of the stairway leading into the fog.  The Orphan and The Boot knew that the fog would lift later in the day but decided to continue their journey.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, near Florence, Oregon

Just past Heceta Head Lighthouse, they stopped at a viewing area overlooking a haul-out for Northern or Steller’s Sea Lions.  They watched them as they swam in groups in the ocean and sunned themselves on the cliffs. The Boot unleashed a mighty force of cameras and took many pictures of the huge males and smaller females and also of the cormorants and guillemots. There the team met another couple, Joe and Joyce, who were going clockwise on a trip that was much like the counter-clockwise trip being taken by The Orphan and The Boot.

The next adventure stop was at The Oregon Dunes Overlook to view a big pile of sand. Enough said!

That night was spent at Bullards Beach State Park at Bandon, Oregon, where more task sharing and shakedown were successfully accomplished. The stay at Bullards Beach State Park was uneventful and relaxing. The martinis were eventful and relaxing.

The fifth day took The Great Arvee a pleasant 93 miles from Bandon, Oregon, to Brookings, Oregon, to the seaside home of The General and Lady Jayne. 

The Orphan and The Boot recalled their recent travels down the same coast highway during a terrible storm with mighty gusts of wind for the previous New Year’s Eve, when The Great Arvee could barely keep its grip on the road and gray rain and sand viciously blew it from lane to lane.  They had finally arrived at the The General and Lady Jayne’s home, white-faced and white-knuckled, and had made their way directly to the bar for serious martinis. 

This time, they also went directly to the bar, but then sat outside with gin-and-tonics in the warm sunshine and looked out over the calm blue ocean.

The next two nights were filled with drunken revelry and dancing late into the night.  The Orphan and The Boot missed the $25 Memorial Coffee Table upon which they had spent many hours of gaiety and dancing to African music while wearing Party Character Hats when the The General and Lady Jayne lived near to their Lair in Washington, The State of Taxes.

During the day The Boot took many pictures of their home and yard and gardens and ocean views and walked on the beach  -- and The Orphan took a side trip to California.  Cheap California booze was obtained – and in copious quantities. (Not all of it made it back to The Lair in Bellevue!)  The Boot downloaded the pictures to Lady Jayne’s computer and The Orphan filled the cab-over of The Great Arvee with ethanol, which competed with The Boot’s travel library for greatest use of overhead space and monetary value.

The shakedown portion of the trip of The Orphan, The Boot, The Beasts and The Great Arvee was completed and the real adventure was ready to begin.

Harbor Seals sunning on a rock at Brookings, Oregon







The Orphan and

 Susie The Dog Beast

by the campfire at Chehalis Thousand Trails Preserve



 Thousand Trails Preserve Pacific City, Oregon

Sunset at Pacific City


The Oregon Coast,  looking south

"The Best View on the Oregon Coast" with stairwell into the fog

Escargot on the Hoof

The Oregon Coast,  looking north

Oregon Dunes Overlook

The Great Arvee at Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon


The Orphan and The Boot

The General, Lady Jayne and The Orphan



Overlooking the ocean at Brookings

Great Arvee Chapter One

End of Great Arvee Chapter Two  Great Arvee Chapter Three


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